Around the Clock Towing and Repair.
Asbury Park New Jersey Automotive Answers When Drivers Need Them Most

Emergency Car Towing

We offer on-demand vehicle transport services so you can get the repairs you need to get back on the road as soon as possible.

Asbury Park New Jersey Roadside Assistance

Flatbed Service

A standard tow assembly is not right for all vehicles. We also offer flatbed towing services for large vehicles, exotic cars and other specialty needs.

Asbury Park New Jersey Keeping Drivers On The Road

Accident Recovery

If your vehicle is inoperable after an accident, we can service your vehicle at your convenience so you can focus on your well-being.

Asbury Park New Jersey Residents Let Us Fix Your Broken Starter Onsite

Jump Starts

Batteries can sometimes drain unexpectedly, particularly when older batteries or extreme weather is concerned. We can come to your location with the spark you need to get rolling again.

Our Car Towing Difference
Asbury Park New Jersey Roadside Assistance The Moment You Need It, Anywhere

24/7 Service In Greater Asbury Park

Our team of friendly and experienced service professionals is standing by around the clock to offer the on-demand roadside assistance you need when the answers can’t wait.

Asbury Park New Jersey We Can Make Keys And Locks Onsite

We'll Tow Your Car Quickly

We maintain an extensive inventory of the latest roadside assistance equipment on our standard towing and flatbed towing trucks, including lockout, jump start and repair tools.

Asbury Park New Jersey Drivers We Can Service Practically Any Vehicle Onsite

Asbury Park's Most Trusted Name for Car Towing

We have been the premier name in towing and repair for the drivers of Asbury Park, New Jersey and the surrounding area for years, and our high caliber of service has built our legacy of success.

Call Us Now

Our Asbury Park towing team

Our team is made up of some of the most capable automotive services specialists, enabling us to provide every driver we serve with the solutions they need.

Asbury Park New Jersey Let Us Check That Engine Light Anywhere


Bruce has been the head of our roadside assistance department for 13 years, and has overseen the development of our entire regional service network.

Asbury Park New Jersey Let Us Meet You For Onsite Repairs


Brandon is the lead mechanic here, with extensive experience towing an extensive array of domestic makes and models.

Asbury Park New Jersey Need Vehicle Repairs


Harry takes a focus on specialty vehicles such as foreign makes and large service vehicles as well as recreational vehicles including ATVs and jet-skis.

Asbury Park New Jersey Drivers Learn More About Our Towing And Repair Services


Steve is head of dispatch and keeps a constant eye on the roads of Asbury Park to ensure our time tested service routes can adapt to traffic, construction and other dynamic factors.


Asbury Park New Jersey Onsite Repair And Component Replacement For Drivers On The Move

Car Towing Video

Like any machine, cars frequently break down over time. If your vehicle is experiencing issues that leave you stranded on the road, don’t panic. Whether it’s engine trouble, a flat tire or a dead battery, we have the tools and techniques to bring you a quick resolution. We can also tow your vehicle to our service center using our standard or flatbed vehicles. Call 616-258-194 for expert towing and repair services anywhere in Asbury Park.

We are the BEST choice for
Car Towing in Asbury Park.


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Asbury Park, city, Monmouth county, eastern New Jersey, U.S. The city lies along the Atlantic Oceancoast in the midst of a string of seasidecommunities . It was founded in 1871 by James A. Bradley, a New York manufacturer, who named it for the Reverend Francis Asbury, founder of Methodism in the United States. A spectacular ship disaster (September 1934) killed 122 persons when theMorro Castlecaught fire at sea and was grounded offshore. Asbury Park's Convention Hall, 4, 000-seat Auditorium, boardwalk, swimming pavilions, and fishing facilities have spurred the popularity of it and neighbouring communities as sites for resorts and conventions. Sunset, Deal, and Wesley lakes are within Asbury's boundaries. The city's light manufactures include electronic equipment, household items, beverages, and textiles. Inc. borough, 1874; city, 1897. Pop. (2000) 16, 930; (2010) 16, 116.Asbury Park Convention Hall, Asbury Park, N.J. Criyl

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Asbury Park - Experienced technicians serving drivers. Articles

Cost Drivers

Continuing challenges in commercial auto liability range from distracted driving to increased miles driven and vehicles on the road to higher vehicle repair costs and rising severity in liability claims. Tow trucks are no exception.

'Commercial auto in general is not going to catch a break for the next several years,' Thompson said. Most everything that's commercial auto from trucking to dump trucks to garage risks is difficult. 'Any place now where there is a human being touching an auto is warfare.'

For tow trucks, it's rear-end collisions that are 'bringing insurance companies to their knees,' Thompson said.

'Drivers are going too fast and are distracted,' Thompson said. 'When you are driving a heavy commercial vehicle, like a tow truck, and you hit a car with three or four people in it, all of those people have neck and back injuries, you total their car, you will have $30,000 worth of damage to your tow truck, and it's just a rear-end collision, which theoretically is preventable.'

Right now, Thompson and ATIG are doing damage control and just trying to keep their current clients insured. 'We are working three times as hard to keep the risks that we have but there's a lot of angry people right now. We are catching it from all sides.'

None of my markets will write a towing operation and schedule a tow truck for auto liability or physical damage.'

MGAs, other brokers, and the few insurers left in the space are swamped. 'We are trying to hold our clients' hands through this and explain what's going on.'

Thompson has even had to turn away new business. 'People are calling up panicked, they are in tears because they are going to lose their business. They expire in two days and their premium tripled but you can't help them,' he said. 'I'm at the mercy of the MGAs/brokers/insurers and they only have so much manpower. Everyone is on edge.'

Managing Risk

The only thing towing companies can do is to manage their risk, Thompson said.

'I've got guys that are now putting cameras inside the trucks both facing outward and inward and if they catch their drivers eating or talking on the phone or texting, there is zero tolerance. They are fired,' he said.

He doesn't expect the insurance market for towing to bounce back anytime soon either. 'It will be a long time before insurers react to improved risk management in firms.'

For now, focus on driver training, he said. 'I can't specify that enough. And settle more claims out of pocket if you can legally. And if you have insurance right now, and it's semi affordable, then protect it with your life.'

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Automotive Answers When Drivers Need Them Most Service at Your Location.


Roadside Assistance On Call 24 Hours a Day for Hardworking Drivers.


Keeping Drivers On The Road Onsite Repairs and Rescue for Drivers, 24 Hours a Day.


Residents Let Us Fix Your Broken Starter Onsite Peace of Mind with On Demand Rescue and Repair.


Roadside Assistance The Moment You Need It, Anywhere Full Towing and Repair Services.


We Can Make Keys And Locks Onsite Don't end up stranded after a breakdown on the roads!


Drivers We Can Service Practically Any Vehicle Onsite Drivers: Tow Services and Repair While You Wait.


Let Us Check That Engine Light Anywhere Around the Clock Towing and Repair.


Let Us Meet You For Onsite Repairs Drivers: We service exotic and specialty vehicles onsite!


Need Vehicle Repairs Reliable roadside repairs.


Drivers Learn More About Our Towing And Repair Services Tow and Repair Services Throughout the Area.


Onsite Repair And Component Replacement For Drivers On The Move Expert Repairs Onsite.


Rapid Roadside Repairs Throughout Your Area Our Onsite Repair and Towing Services.


Reliable Roadside Repairs We pride ourselves on our service to Drivers.


Drivers Were Here To Help Drivers: Tow Services and Repair While You Wait.


Large Vehicle We Can Send A Flatbed Tow Truck Anywhere Our fleet of response and rescue vehicles is always on the streets.


Stranded Far From Home Talk To Us For Onsite Assistance In And Around Residents: Has Your Car Battery Died?


The Expert Tow And Repair Services Drivers Rely On Rapid Roadside Repairs throughout your area.


Drivers Engine Trouble Let Us Figure Out The Issue While You Wait Convenient Towing and Repair Services for Drivers.


Affordable Onsite Tow And Repair Services Drivers: Your vehicle is in good hands with us.


Need Late Night Roadside Assistance Servicing Stranded Drivers.


The Roadside Resource Drivers: Don't trust your vehicle to subpar service.


Unbeatable Prices On Towing And Repair For Drivers Affordable Towing Services for Drivers.


Drivers We Can Tow Your Vehicle After A Collision The Roadside Repair Standard.


Flat Tire On The Streets We Can Help Fully Equipped Repair and Response Trucks.


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